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Your Mental Health Matters

At Embodied Healing and Wellness Counseling we understand what it feels like to feel alone, disconnected, and struggling to understand how life got to feel so hard.

With over 15 years of experience working with teens and adults, we have walked alongside many as a guide in their healing journey to a life where happiness, connection, and joy are possible

Healing Starts Here

Embodied Healing and Wellness Counseling 
Mental Health Matters

Getting Help is Simple Here

It can feel daunting to reach out for help, getting stuck in unhelpful patterns with little understanding of how to make lasting changes. Here, it's easy to get started on a path that leads you to a life connected to the hope of your future and the relationships you want in it.

3 Easy Steps

1. Fill out form to schedule a free 15 minute consultation

2. Allow us to create a customized healing plan

3. Execute that plan together

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Healing Starts Here
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